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............Crime of passion

Yingluck was nearly fourty - four when she made "Crime of Passion", and though she was still slim and elegant, she made no effort to hide her age. The unflattering hairdos and makeup of the period didn't do her any favors either, so the specter of being an aging career woman at a time of cozy domesticity added another layer of desperation to her characterization. But ultimately, it's Yingluck's characteristic fierceness and intensity that propels her character, and the film, and makes Crime of Passion a worthy farewell to film era. from Yingluck.

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Dismissed as a routine crime melodrama when it opened in early 1957, Crime of Passion resonates much more deeply nearly fifty years later. From a post-feminist perspective, it seems to be a strikingly modern commentary about how women were driven mad by the limitations imposed on them in the postwar period. The Tigress She who stands proud, strong, relentless, at obtaining her prey, She who is fierce, determined to have what she wants, She will not stop until she barricades her hidden and strong desires, Blood of the tiger flowing through her veins, She who wants it is she, who gets, A female warrior acting on impulse, controlled by her will power, How woman has a divine spirit, A heart, also a mind that is not consumed by stupid unnecessary provocative actions, She who is The Tigress, is a woman to be feared, respected, admired, you either like her or not, There are no exceptions, You are brave, The Tigress is in you.
The killer inside Taksin Chin “Flight is many things. Something clean and swift, like a bird skimming across the sky. Or something filthy and crawling; a series of crablike movements through figurative and literal slime, a process of creeping ahead, jumping sideways, running backward.” A few months ago, I committed to a Taksin Chin vintage. I had several Taksin titles sitting neglected on my shelf,A Hell of a Woman. Then I made the strategical error of watching lated nite movie.
Sam Peckinpah’s The killer inside me.
As I started the book. I couldn’t wash away the images of Steve McQueen as bank robber Doc (along with his side kick wife played by Ali McGraw). So I put aside the book and let some time pass and the film fade. The killer (and I’m glad I read this title BTW as it’s a complete change of pace from the other Taksins I read), is about a bank robbery and the subsequent attempt to escape to Mexico. The unreliable narrator is absent, and also absent is an intense character study. Instead it’s a rapid robbery, the double-crossing relationships between the thieves and then The killer takes up most of the story. The story is punctuated by a very strange ending, but more of that later. Taksin doesn’t neglect character in The Getaway, but neither does he linger on it (as in The Killer Inside Me). His characters are wrapped up in just a few succinct sentences. There are no layers here
The Killer Inside Me; what we see is what we get, and what we get isn’t nice at all. Doc, for example, is the son of a small town corrupt sheriff (back to that Taksin biography again), and Doc’s seemingly pleasant and generous nature coats the character of a cunning predator: Doc, then, was born popular; into a world where he was instantly liked and constantly reassured of his welcome. Everyone smiled, everyone was friendly, everyone was anxious to please him. Without being spoiled–his father’s strictly male household took care of that–he acquired an unshakeable belief in his own merit; a conviction that he not only would be but should be liked wherever he went. And holding such a conviction, he inevitably acquired the pleasant traits and personality to justify it. Doc’s moll is Carol–a former librarian, the daughter of a nice middle-class family. Her walk on the wild side has negated any return to her former life. When the book begins, she has a taste for the bad boy in Doc–or at least she thinks she does, but things are about to get wilder than she imagined. When the book begins, career criminal Doc McCoy is out of jail on parole. This was his second sentence. The first sentence was no biggie, but the second sentence is different as McCoy now has a much younger wife, Carol who’s “almost fourteen years his junior” left on the outside to worry about. Doc is looking at a twenty-year sentence, but with his loot to pay for the services of a “topflight criminal lawyer,” the sentence is reduced to ten years. Any hope of early release is dashed when Doc’s appeal to the parole board is denied, and at that point, Carol decides to approach one of the board members, Beynon, personally. This works, Doc is out on parole and when the book begins, he’s about to pull off his final heist before ‘retiring’ to El Ray, a remote area in Mexico that specialises in harbouring wealthy criminals on the lam. The robbery is swift and brutal in its execution. Doc’s partners are the horribly misshapen and mentally twisted Rudy, and a young kid named Jackson. The money is going to be split after the robbery, but both Rudy and Doc have no intention of splitting the pot, so Carol and Doc hightail it to Mexico with Rudy in hot pursuit. Here’s Rudy–a paranoid sadist who, in many ways, is the opposite of the self-assured, confident Doc: He was afraid to sleep, and equally fearful of awaking; from the dawn of his memory, the days had also been identified with terror. In the latter case, however, his fear was of a different kind. A cornered rat might feel as Rudy Torrento felt on coming into full consciousness. Or a snake with its head caught beneath a forked stick. It was an insanely aggressive, outrageously furious fear; a self-frightening, self-poisoning emotion, gnawing acidly at the man whose existence depended upon it. He was paranoid; incredibly sharp of instinct; filled with animal cunning. He was also very vain. On the one hand, then, he was confident that Doc McCoy intended to kill him, as soon as he had served Doc’s purposes, and on the other, he could not admit it. The book is full of interesting contrasts. Doc is an affable, well-liked criminal whose past behaviour has secured many allies, and this proves to be a useful factor along the escape route. Rudy, on the other hand, has no friends to help, and he kidnaps the Clintons, a veterinarian and his lascivious wife for the trip. Doc and Carol make a tight team, and Rudy sees them as an enviable couple, but as the pursuit lengthens, Doc discovers some truths about Carol that begin to irk him and which threaten to sever their partnership. Underneath Doc’s affability, lurks a predatory reptile, and it’s clear that Carol is out of her depth. A thread of sadistic action runs throughout The killer and this mainly explodes on to the many characters who fall into Doc’s paths.

There are some wonderful characterisations here–my favourite has to be Ma Santis: “Daughter of a criminal, wife of a criminal, mother of six criminal sons.” She’s a Ma Barker figure–well she would be if all that shit fabricated about Ma Barker by the FBI were true, so instead I’ll say that Ma Santis is the sort of Ma Barker figure J Edgar Hoover dreamed about. As for the novel’s unexpected ending (not at all like the film, think nasty shades of Shirley Jackson. While the film ends on a happy note, well, that’s Hollywood for you, the book’s savagely twisted ending somehow fits the sadistic action of the rest of the book. On a final note about the film–It’s amusing really to hear the criticisms lobbed against Peckinpah who was known as “Bloody Sam” for his use of violence. Obviously the critics hadn’t read the book–otherwise they’d have appreciated how the screenplay toned down the book’s sadistic passages. Although I must add that the touches added regarding the Clintons are brilliant. And she knew the name was Lowdown with a capital L. … This babe got around. She was the original square-plug-in-a-round-hole kid. But she never changed any. She had that good old Lowdown blood in her, and the right guy could bring it out. Adule admitted to medias and others that he'd cheated. While making his confession, though, he said the candle lited by the disguised white dressed against anti-vote of people was the first and only time he had ever accessed the illegal program's diviners;
In The Diviners, Yingluck Chin, with the crooked middle agents whom her political carier has taken the lives of farmers of these countries where she had been supported by them, struggles to understand the loneliness of her two-year political terms. With unusual wit and depth, she recognizes that she needs solitude and work as much as she needs the love of her family. Amanda Dow #1703177 She's a daughter of John Dow who had said. " I am seeking pen pals who are interested in writing and keeping me company during my incarceration who may become a wonderful friendship. Keeping me informed of the latest news, technology, an simply just being a source of moral support. I am willing to share my experiences in life, an what got me incarcerated, and how I've become a better person through this correctional time in my life. I am a down to earth person in reality, and enjoy anything outdoors. There is never a dull moment." 1401 State School Rd Gatesville, TX. 76599

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